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Domond Professional School Project

Domond Professional School Project Overview

The Mission of the Domond Professional School is to provide low cost professional training to empower the young people of Domond by giving them marketable (trade) skills and training. There is no other Professional School in the Central Plateau, please the

website for first hand interview with the Directors, Pastor Franck Marcelin and Pastor Samuel Normil.

The Domond Professional School (DPS) will provide the following:

Skills Training:

Employing certified educators from Hinche and Port-au-Prince, DPS will offer the following on a 6 month continuum, recognized Diplomas in the following areas of study.

  • Computer Technology - Including basic word processing, spreadsheet and similar business skills

  • Secretarial Skills - Including the above with formal keyboarding and office skills

  • Foreign Language Skills - Including French (Business/Government) and English

  • Marketable Arts – Including decorating, arts, crafting, and related marketing skills

  • Trade - Will be initiated upon student interests


To help offset the operational costs of the school, offer students practical experience and provide and to provide the local community much needed services, DPS will also provide, on a fee basis, the following :

  • Secretarial/Typing Services

  • Photo-copying Services

  • Translation Services

  • Tutoring Services

  • Technical Support


Project Budget: $ 80,000.00 USD – Structure, Furnishings, and Technology

Construction: Will begin immediately upon funding

Classes Start: January 2019

Enrollment: Expected enrollment of 300 Students

Dear Friends:

On behalf of the Patricia Sullivan Haitian Outreach Foundation, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your previous support. Although it is sometimes difficult to see, your efforts have continued to help promote the Foundations’ core mission of improving lives in Haiti. It is important to remember the words of the old axiom;

“To the world you might be one person but to one person, you may be the world”

Due to your previous generosity, please note the accomplishments of this past year:

  • Al Balko School completes its 3rd full year of operation

  • Serves students in Grades PK – 9 (over 350 students)

  • Al Balko School provides students in this remote area an education and, more importantly, the life empowerment skills necessary for a better life.

I am writing you today to share my excitement of a new project, “Domond Professional School” (overview attached). I have had an opportunity to witness firsthand, the progression of many students as they move from childhood along the path to becoming successful adults. These observations along with multiple discussions with local community leaders have exposed an education gap that with your help, the Foundation would like to support.

Domond is located 2 hours from the capital, Port-au-Prince. While institutions like the Al Balko School give students a much needed education, students who wish to further their education after high school, will need to move to the Capital, if they can afford to do so. As a result of these discussions and the circumstances described above, coupled with the Foundations’ recent acquisition of a small tract of land directly behind the Louise Mulligan Mission House, the Board of the Foundation has decided to embark upon this project.

We feel the Professional School in Domond represents the logical next step towards a better life for the people of Domond through empowerment and self-determination.

Please consider donating, for all funding (100%) goes directly to this project. I have provided a self-addressed envelope for your convenience or you may go to the Foundation’s website at and donate. I personally thank you for your consideration of this important addition to Domond. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Warm Regards,

Patricia Sullivan Haitian Outreach Foundation

Kathy S. Faw, Executive Director

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