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Louise Mulligan Mission House


Since 2003, I have made more than 200 trips to Haiti. One of the common difficulties I encountered on every one of those trips involved logistics. Traveling to Haiti itself is easy. Several major carriers operate daily flights in and out of Port Au Prince. The real complications involve arrangements for lodging, meals, transportation, etc.. As you might expect, there are very few Marriott's or grocery stores and travelers are left to their own devices, particularly outside of the Port-Au-Prince, the capital.

Louse Mulligan Mission House

This mission house consists of a five bedroom dormitory style home, located in a secured compound in Domond, Haiti. Located on the banks of the Artibonite River, this home offers visitors to relax and regroup after a hard day’s work. We like to call it "home away from home". The mission house offers American-style toilet and sleeping accommodations up to 16 people. The house has a full kitchen, dining room, living room and running hot water, and a huge front covered porch with Haitian rockers. The entire property including the house is secured by an eight foot concrete wall, which is standard in Haiti and 24 hour security.

Guest House Services

In addition to the amenities noted above, the house is also staffed by Haitians that will provide house guests with two meals (breakfast/supper), and laundry assistance. Additional services include driver, translator, airport pickup and drop off, and other services. The intent is to make it easier and safer for visitors to come to Haiti and serve. The house operates on a non-profit basis but is priced to ensure long term sustainability.

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