Rod Schall School at Totoye

The Rod Schall school in Totoye was completed in September 2010! Thank you to all involved in this project.  We would like to send a personalized thank you to Cap. Jim Mulligan for his remarkable efforts in this project.


The dedication of the Rod Schall school took place Sunday, September 12, 2010.  Members representing the foundation and Jim Mulligan that were present include:  Kathy Faw (Executive Director), Stephen Ward (Executive Board Member), Roland cook ( Jim Mulligan’s Cousin) and Ellen and Annie Schall ( Rod’s daughter and grand daughter).  The following Haitian supporters that were present include the newly appointed Bishop of Hinche, Bishop Simone, Haitian reporters, government officials, all the workers, children and family of the community in Totoye.  What a beautiful day!

The school was built to dedicate Jim Mulligan’s best friends Rod Schall & Ray Koehne.  The school wing that sits behind the flag pole is the Ray Koehne wing and the school wing to the right is the Jim Mulligan Wing.  Before the school was built, over 200 children met under a tree with wooden benches.  On days that is rained there would be no school because there was no shelter.

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  1. Pat Fontaine says:

    Hope you might remember me – Pat Fontaine here (we swam together on the Barracuda swim team in Norfolk VA back… well, it was some time ago!)
    Just wanted to pop in and say that it’s wonderful you were able to do this. I remember your father at some of our swim meets.
    Anyway, take care.

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