Rainbow Water Project

As a reaction to the outbreak of Cholera, the foundation developed and funded with the help of many other resources a safe water project for the town of Domond located in the central plateau.

This project consisted of the hand digging of a new 60 foot well. This well was complemented by the construction of a water production facility equipped with a complete water purification system. Through this process, the water project can process gallons of clean water daily to be sold to the local population. Typically, the local people can purchase one of the large plastic water cooler jugs for $ 9.00 US and then refill it for $ 1.00 each trip. Additionally, the foundation just helped with the purchase of a Haitian ‘Robo-Machine” that allows project operators to fill the smaller disposable water “bags” that are sold to the people on the street. Finally, the Foundation helped secure a truck that is now being employed to deliver clean water to those who can’t get to the facility.

As a result, the water project affords clean reliable water for nearly 300,000 people in Haiti. In addition, the operation of the water facility affords full time jobs for a handful of local residents and a financially viable solution that will be financially sustainable for many years to come. This is the only source of clean water within a five mile radius.

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