Louise Mulligan Guest House Project

UPDATE: The main construction phase of the Louise Mulligan Guest House Project is now complete!




Over the last several years, I have made more than 30 trips to Haiti with my team for various reasons. One of the common difficulties we encountered on every one of those trips involved logistics. Traveling to Haiti itself is easy. Several major carriers operate daily flights in and out of Port Au Prince. The real complications involve arrangements for lodging, meals, translators, transportation, etc. As you might expect, there are very few Holiday Inns or grocery stores and travelers are left to their own devices, particularly outside of the Port-Au-Prince metropolitan area. As a result, it’s quite difficult for visitors to operate in the central plateau.

Louse Mulligan Guest House

This project consists of a five bedroom dormitory style guesthouse located on a walled compound in Domond, Haiti.  Located on the banks of the Artibonite River, this house will offer weary missionaries and other charitable groups the means to safely relax and regroup after a hard day’s work.  The current design provides each of the bedrooms with direct access to an American-style toilet and sleeping accommodations for four people.  The house will further feature an ample sized common area, full kitchen, running hot water, and a huge covered deck running the entire length of the structure.  The entire property including the house is secured by an eight foot concrete wall, which is standard in Haiti. The house itself is to be procured from a company called Shelter It, (www.shelterit.com) located in Port-au-Prince.  The completed structure will be built in accordance with U.S. building codes and completed under supervision of the U.S. based construction management group.   Construction crews will consist of Haitian workers, thus providing much needed employment for the locals.

Guest House Services

In addition to the amenities noted above, the house will also be staffed with a couple that will provide house guests with meals, and assistance as needed within the compound. Additional services could include driver, translator, airport pickup and drop off, and other services. The entire range of services will evolve as required.  The intent is to make it easier and safer for new groups to come to Haiti in the future.  The house is intended to operate on a non-profit basis but will be priced to ensure long term sustainability.

Project Status

Over the course of two trips in 2011, the Foundation initiated the land acquisition that was finalized in March, 2012.  Shortly after that, we successfully raised sufficient funds to begin construction of the wall. (Walls are a necessity in Haiti – they establish definitive property boundaries and happen to be a local tradition.)Currently, the wall is nearly completed and now we are beginning the fundraising stages to complete construction of the main house. It is our hope to raise sufficient funds to begin construction sometime in last January, 2013.   Please see our Donations Page if you wish to contribute to this worthy endeavor. Thank you.


Kathy Faw, RN

Executive Director


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  1. Haitian National Congress, a 501(c)(3) located in Boston, Massachusetts is launching a series of leadership seminars in Haiti beginning Fall 2012. We are not too versed in raising the kind of funds to finance such a task like the Leadership seminars. I am the executive director and I will be very honored if your team might consider giving us some help.


    Jean-Michel St. Jean at 617-828-2777

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