School of Galilee

One of the core programs supported by the Patricia Sullivan Haitian Outreach Foundation is the School of Galilee in Mirebalais, Haiti.  The school is lead by Pastor Franck Marcelin and currently provides a quality education for more than 175 students.  Kathy Faw, Executive Director of the Foundation, met Pastor Marcelin during a mission trip in 2006.  At that time, the school had lost its benefactor and Pastor Marcllin was considering closing the school due to lack of funding.  Taking it upon herself to take action, Ms. Faw personally supported the school for the next 10 months, paying the faculty salaries and providing some of the bare necessities required to keep the school afloat.  It was from these efforts that the Patricia Sullivan Haitian Outreach Foundation was born.

During the current school year, the School of Galilee has 177 students taught in primitive conditions by a staff of four teachers and a principal.  The school has enjoyed over the last several years a 95% + pass rate on the State tests for graduating students, and has been recognized nationally by the Minister of Education.

The Foundation currently provides for the teachers’ salaries as well as ongoing operating expenses for the school.  A future goal of the Foundation, as funding permits, would be to start a meal program in which the children would be fed a nourishing meal each day.  However, current funding limits the program to fundamental support and staffing.