Dos Parc School

The foundation just recently held the formal dedication of a new school to serve the people of Haiti. Developed utilizing the same design as the previous school the Rod Schall School in Totoye, this new educational center is located approximately 3,600 feet above sea level in the small village of Dos Parc in the mountainous region near the Dominican border.

This project proved to be far more complicated than the Totoye project due largely to the high altitude and treacherous road conditions. However, the new school, located adjacent to the local church enjoys an unparalleled view of the countryside stretching for miles in every direction. The completed school currently provides a place for over 200 students from Dos Parc and surrounding villages a safe secure place to study and learn.

The dedication ceremony was held on April 28, 2012 and was well attended by the local children and villagers as well as many dignitaries from miles away. Although weather prohibited many from traveling the rain swollen road to the school for the ceremony, over 300 people hiked up the mountain to dedicate the new school.

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