Louise Mulligan Guest House

Our latest and most exciting project. The Louise Mulligan Guest House in Domond, when completed will provide safe, secure accommodations for support teams arriving from the United States.

Rev. Paul T. Gaughan School at Dos Parc

The foundation just recently held the formal dedication of a new school to serve the people of Haiti. Developed by the foundation, this new educational center is located approximately 3600’ above sea level in the small village of Dos Parc in the mountainous region near the Dominican Border…

Dlo Lakansyel “Rainbow Water” Sustainable Water Project

As a reaction to the outbreak of Cholera, the foundation developed, funded, and implemented a safe and sustainable water project for the town of Domond in the central plateau.

School of Galilee Mirebalais, Haiti

One of the core programs supported by the Patricia Sullivan Haitian Outreach Foundation is the School of Galilee in Mirebelais, Haiti.

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